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Edoardo Odorico
Creative Technologist


Shipping Station

Solving traffic congestion caused by massive increase in home delivery services, Shipping Stations are solar powered self-sufficient hubs connected together by a network of underground vacuum pipes in which goods travel reliably at incredible speed, avoiding surface traffic jams and pollutions.
User interaction with the Shipping Station happens using the dedicated app.
Beside solving problems related to medium sized goods delivery, it also promotes communications among neighbours by using an e-ink 32" display to show the City public dashboard, where citizens and PAs can publish news and posts.

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LUNA Remote

Olive wood texture close up

The LUNA remote, designed on the occasion of the moon landing 50th anniversary, naturalizes the experience of living illumination.
Smoothing transitions and automating actions, the remote couples the physical objects interaction with the Internet Of Things.
I've designed, engineered and prototyped the first version of the device. The case is 3D printed and the knob is hand crafted using genuine tuscan olive wood and its unique texture.
Future developments include:

  • separation of the remote and the high current circuit in two different devices, the LUNA remote and the LUNA power controller
  • circuits miniaturization with custom pcb

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TART Gallery

TART Gallery logo, red Helvetica on black background

The most boring street in the neighborhood can become the bridge between art and technology.
International street artists Ache77 and ExitEnter have realized the "Woman" wall art.
Seen through the TART Gallery app the painted wall become a window on a parallel world.
The 39 panels were to be divided among 13 artists, 3 panels each.
A unique AR experience for each artist.
Prints and Forex panels of the gallery works were developed as merchandise.
The project could be used for the regeneration and development of urban areas while adding cultural value which citizens can directly benefit from.

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A football ball black and white hexagon pattern

Football players real time tracking and analysis.
I've led the hybrid app development team, from user journeys to typescript performance optimization and e2e interface tests.
To speed up hardware development and testing I designed and 3D printed a quick release table stand/tripod support for the antennas and a rainproof enclosure for the router and the battery pack.

While working on the radar firmware, I've contributed to the open source repo espressif/arduino-esp32

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Pattern with Poblò logo in the turquoise, orange, magenta on black background

Poblò is a startup selling memories and experiences.
Prints and organic cotton shirts representing street artists works are augmented using the Poblò app, allowing the customer to experience again a special moment.
The brand identity has been developed in collaboration with the RAD Agency, while I prototyped the Unity app.

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RockBox Slice Bike Support

A close-up on the refined printed prototype

The joy of riding a bike while beautiful music is playing. I've enginereed, printed and refined the working prototype of the RockBox Slice speaker bike support.
Easy to mount on the bike frame, with the quick release system it takes about a second to mount/remove the speaker. The design process required 3 sprints, addressing structural and usability issues.

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